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Welcome to Tax Break for professional Tax preparation services call today for live assistance.

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Focused Tax Break Solutions


Electronic Filing

Get your tax credit refunds faster through our electronic filing process. 

Same Day Cash Advance 

You may be entitled to an advance on your tax return within 24 hours*

*Upon approval

Quality Service Tax Professionals

Tax Break processes tax returns virtually so you can get your taxes done from the comfort of your own home. We can help you with your 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ & Schedule C Sole-proprietorship for business.

Free Tax Consultation 

Get in touch with our professional tax agents with no up front cost.


Living Trust

We guide you step by step through the Living Trust process to form estate planning that allows you to control your assets (your money and property) while you are still alive, while  having it distributed to people, loved ones or organizations you select when you pass.

Transfer Deed Upon Death

We provide services for TOD deed at an affordable rate. With a TOD you can transfer property to people, loved ones to inherit. At Tax Break we breakdown the process to our clients to plan with a peace of mind. 

Bookkeeping Services

Allow Tax Break to take the back office work off your hands. We track, keep records of financial transactions and preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements efficiently and accurately.

Accounting Services

We offer services to  prepare entrepreneurs, small-large businesses & corporations with  tax preparation and counseling, as well as tracking spending and earnings. Rest assured your concerns with preserving accurate financial records and implementing effective record keeping systems are in the past. 

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We Serve Veterans 

Tax Break is giving active military & veterans  10% off. Get in contact with Tax Break today.

This tax season, we're honoring those who serve with special pricing on all tax preparation for active duty and veteran service members.




Making Taxes Easy

We are a family run business who cares about doing the right thing for our clients & community. Tax Break boasts over two decades of experience and quality customer service preparing tax returns.


Our company offers innovative services to make your life easier that allows our clients to save time and get quality service. We understand  how taxes have an impact on people's lives and strive to put you and your refund first.

Tax Break provides the flexibility of a personal tax consultant and the security of an established company. We continue to give a unique range of tax preparation services and expand our presence in the competitive personal income tax industry.


Tax Break provides  total support to our 

clients, implementing strategies that directly contribute to maintaining our competitive edge in the tax business. We look forward to getting to know you better. 

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Why choose Tax Break


Get your taxes

done today! 

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  • What if I receive another tax from after I recieved my return?
    If you already e-filed or mailed your return, you are going to need to completed an amended return. You can file a 1040X through Tax Break. Contact us via Chat live, or call us at 1-888-691-9946, or email us:
  • How do update or delete my online account/How Long we keep records
    Your information is highly secured and protected and it is required by law through the IRS that Tax Break maintain records for three years. This process allows our "Certified Tax Prepares" to assist you in any IRS question or documents they may need. However, any other documents aquired for verification of your tax process not pertaining to records required to maintain by the IRS will be deleted.
  • How do I get help with my return that was prepared?
    Visit our support page, contact us via toll free, email us, chat with us
  • How do I get help with tehcnical support?
    Chat with us via the chat box, email us at, or call us at the toll free number your choice.
  • Does Tax Break share my information
    NO! We asolutely do not share your information to anyone. THe clause is through court mandated from IRS courts if tis infomration is requested, other than that we do not share yur infomration for marketing purposes or any other means. Your infomration is confidential and secured. It is our fiduciary responsibility to safe kept your records up to three years per IRS guidlines any other douments not required for safe keeping are not kept.
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