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No Fees

No Interest

No Impact
to Credit

Starting Jan 2nd you can apply for a loan up to $1,000 

You can get a Refund Advance Loan within minutes when you file with Tax Break. Need more? We offer loans up to $6,000 + interest/fees apply. Get ahead make an appointment today!



Why People Love Refund Advance


No Impact
to Credit

No interest,
No fees

Rest easy! Your credit score won't change to apply. No catch guarantee!

Enjoy a 0% interest charge and no loan fees with you apply for a Refund Advance loan. You read that right- 0% APR. 

High Approval

Don’t stress – we've got high approval rates.  You can get approved within minutes of filing with Tax Break.

Taxes + funds
in one spot

Get  the works with Tax Break. A maximum refund and your tax Refund Advance loan all in one place.

Here is how it works...

Starting Jan 2. you can apply for a refund advance with no impact to your credit score!

One of our Tax Experts will prepare your taxes and maximize your refund. Then upon approval of your refund, one of our Tax Experts can offer a Cash Refund Advance.

You'll have your funds within 24-48 hours upon approval instead of waiting weeks*

Pay it back when you get your refund! It's that simple.

We're here to help & get you the
biggest refund possible!

Max refund guarantee with options for loans w/no interest or  apply for up to $6,000 fees +interest apply

We will work with any situation and can offer reliable options to make sure you get the services you need.

Experienced tax pros with over 20+ yrs of experience company wide. Our company holds a high value for customer care to meet your needs.

Transparency pricing. Get a quote for free & know what you will pay before you buy.

Multiple ways to file through:

- Tax Pass Mobile App

-Virtually with a Tax Agent 

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